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The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting each of us in one way or another, no matter how hard we try to deny it, but we strive to maintain normalcy in this trying time. Here at Cooper Bumpus Insurance Agency maintaining normalcy means continuing to deliver on our mission of helping people live healthy, financially stable lives. With that said, I would like to share my thoughts on what that means for us on a daily basis.

If you have received any direct mailings from our office, at any time, not just during this world-wide health crisis, you have probably noticed that we are emphatic about the word “Family”. We consider our clients to be family. We celebrate with you during happy times and grieve with you during sad, we stand by you during the trying and difficult times and strive to support you to the best of our ability in every situation, we think of ourselves a part of the Charleston and Coles County family and take pride in supporting and participating in community agencies and initiatives — isn’t that what family does?

Even though our office continues to function; in an attempt to protect our family of clients, our employees, and their families, we have been forced to adapt our normal to what feels very distant and unattached. We miss our family, just as you may miss your parents, your children, or grandchildren during this time of sheltering at home and social distancing; we miss our family too. The days seem a little bit longer and a lot less enjoyable without you. Those brief conversations we have at the counter about your family, your pets, your vacation, the news, or the latest story in local and national sports is what brightens our day and keeps us all connected to you. We thrive on our personal relationships at Cooper Bumpus and we feel a sense of loss, however temporary it may be. COVID-19 has forced our office family to become disjointed also as several members of our family have been forced to shelter at home due to personal health risks and this leaves us feeling less than whole within the walls of our office as well as feeling disjointed from our family of clients, making it a struggle at times to feel normal and upbeat.

These are challenging times both personally and collectively, facing many challenges of survival — personal health, financial stability, emotional well-being. We must each work to be positive on a daily, hourly, or minute by minute basis — it is what will get us all thru this until we can again be whole and come together as Family!

Be safe, be positive, be vigilant to stay well. Reach out to us with insurance questions at 217-348-7621.