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David Cooper and Lori Bumpus of Cooper Bumpus Insurance Agency in Charleston, IL

Insuring Our Community
Since 1980

January 2, 1980, David Cooper opened the doors of the David Cooper Insurance Agency. He was armed only with the Coles County Phone Book, a rotary phone, and an earnest desire to build a business based on honesty and integrity while providing quality insurance at an affordable cost to the future family of insureds. In 2005, Cooper sold the agency to their trusted, long-time employee, Lori Bumpus, giving birth to our agency today—Cooper Bumpus Insurance Agency. Our goals today remain the same as the day the agency opened—quality, client-focused service, and products provided with a smile and handshake when you join the Cooper Bumpus Insurance Agency family.

Lori Bumpus, Insurance Agent at Cooper Bumpus Insurance Agency in Charleston IL

Lori Bumpus

Where Are You From
I am Illinois born and raised.

Insurance Background
My career in insurance began in 1987, when I started working at – what was then the David Cooper Insurance Agency.  In 2005, I became the principal owner of what is now the Cooper Bumpus Insurance Agency.

My husband and I have two adult daughters, a son-in-law, and we have one grandchild that we love.   We also have many furry grandbabies.

If keeping busy and on the go is a hobby, then that is my hobby!  In those few moments of free time, I can be found planning a redecorating scheme for one or more rooms of my home or in the office.  I love to paint and decorate – never let the look of a room get stale!

Community involvement is the main focus for my family and I.  I have participated in the planning and execution of many community events, boards, and committees.  We feel it is important to give back to the community.  We stay involved to help Charleston to be a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

Random Fact About You That Most People Don’t Know
In high school, I spent seven years as the school’s marching band majorette.

Your Favorite Place to Vacation OR somewhere You Have Always Dreamed of Going
I love extended vacations in Florida, no place I would rather be.

Shannon Craft posing in a Def Leppard tshirt | Cooper Bumpus Insurance Agency in Charleston IL

Shannon Craft

Where Are You From
I am 100% Charleston, Illinois, born and raised!

Insurance Background
I joined the Cooper Agency in 2002, and shortly after, I became licensed in property/casualty and life/health. In 2005, the Cooper Agency became the Cooper Bumpus Insurance Agency, but regardless of the name, this agency has always been my insurance home. I can’t imagine myself anywhere else!

When it comes to family the best way to describe Shannon is, “Proud Mama Bear,”, and she has every right to be just that.  Shannon’s two oldest, both daughters, stay very busy, just like Mom; One is working full time as a supervisor with CTF of Charleston and finished her Associates with Lakeland college.  The other works full time as an RN at the local hospital and is finishing up her BSN studies.  Of her youngest child, Jayden, you will hear Shannon say, “Raising a boy is totally different than raising girls”.  Jayden is energetic and full of life with an active imagination that provides for some of the best stories – he definitely keeps her on her toes.  If the old saying is true, “kids keep you young”, then Shannon will always be young at heart.

From early spring to late fall, you will find me every weekend scouring rummage sales, garage sales, backyard sales, and flea markets for the ultimate bargain find.  It may border on an obsession, but it is also a time that I spend with my mother and my children, so that makes it family time as well.  I’m not sure if this qualifies as a hobby, an interest, or just plain being a fanatic. 

80’s Metal Music: Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Poison, Guns n’ Roses.  Today’s kids have no idea what they missed.  I will be attending my third Def Leppard concert this coming summer with Motley Crue and Poison and I can’t wait!

Random Fact About You That Most People Don’t Know
I have read the complete Twilight series, not once, not twice, not three — count them — FOUR times! And I would reread them again if I had time.

Your Favorite Place to Vacation OR somewhere You Have Always Dreamed of Going
As a child, I traveled to Texas every summer with my grandmother, and I always looked forward to those trips and cherished the memories. As an adult, my dream would be an Italian vacation.

Sydney Insurance Agent in Charleston, IL

Julie Hutton

Where Are You From
Small town girl, but I like to travel. I have lived in rural Coles County all of my life.

Insurance Background
I became a member of the Cooper Bumpus Insurance Agency family in a marketing
capacity in April of 2023. As an EIU graduate with a marketing and sales background, my
goal is to develop marketing strategies and carry them to the target markets while
developing the Cooper Bumpus Insurance Agency brand and focusing on the services
we provide.

My husband and I have two adult sons, one daughter-in-law, and one adult daughter.
Looking forward to any and all blessings that may come from these wonderful kiddos!

I LOVE camping! We have been camping locally for many years. Our camping resume’
includes locations in Wisconsin, Florida, and Indiana. We have many more out-of-state
destination spots on our goal list, focusing on the western states.

I enjoy researching and discovering facts about large animals, especially elephants. The human characteristics and personalities they exhibit are amazing to me.

Random Fact About You That Most People Don’t Know
I am a certified 1 st Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Your Favorite Place to Vacation OR somewhere You Have Always Dreamed of Going
A super Yacht! I want to be a charter guest and then I want to “work hands on” with
chief stew, deck hand, and the chef.

Jeanette Insurance Agent

Jeanette Clark

Where Are You From
I grew up in a very small town, population 150 including cats and dogs, in Fulton County
Illinois—Marietta. We had a post office and a gas station, and we came in at night when
the streetlights came on, and everybody knew everybody in town.
Insurance Background
After working with Lori on a committee to organize a community event with the
Chamber of Commerce, she asked me if I would be interested in a career change; that
was in 2007 and I have been here since that time.
Most people call me “Momma J”; we were only ever to claim two dependents on our
income tax. My husband and I just celebrated our 46 th wedding anniversary. We have
two adult children: our daughter and her family live in central Iowa while our son and his
family live in northwest Indiana. Our family prefers states that begin with the letter I.
We have a total of 5 grandchildren including a set of twins.
Paper crafting! Cardmaking and scrapbooking are my hobbies. I am passionate about
archiving memories for generations to come. Each Christmas you will find a scrapbook
under the tree created to preserve the memories of the past year, a special trip or a long-
awaited event. One a good year there will be more than one, but regardless of the name
on the package, the best part is watching everyone relive those memories thru the
pages I have created.
When most people think of our family they think of one thing—University of Illinois
Sports. We just finished our 47 th year of football season tickets, my husband has not
missed a home game during that time. We also hold season tickets for Fighting Illini
men’s and women’s basketball. Our family rule is, “No weddings, babies, or funerals
during from the end of August thru the middle of April”, because we won’t miss a home
game for those events. Dave and I have spent many years serving on the Illini
Quarterback Club Board of Directors, currently I serve as ILQBC president. Our family is
orange and blue thru and thru!
Random Fact About You That Most People Don’t Know
Long story made short: for 8 years I was the head scout for a central Illinois high school
football team. On Friday night while the team was on the field, I was in the bleachers of
the next week’s opponent, diagraming their offensive plays from scrimmage (including
blocking assignments) and noting each of their defensive tendencies and their defensive
Your Favorite Place to Vacation OR somewhere You Have Always Dreamed of Going
I may live in Illinois, but I am a WDW Annual Passholder and a Disney Vacation Club
member. I visit WDW an average of four times a year. Obviously, it is my favorite place to escape to. However, Dave and love to travel with Germany being our favorite country to

Sydney Insurance Agent

Sydney Finke

Where Are You From
Although I grew up in the Tuscola area, I now call Mattoon home.

Insurance Background
I have been a licensed producer in life, health, property and casualty since 2018. I feel like my specialty is the customer service I provide. I love to create personal relationships with my clients. I joined Cooper Bumpus in the summer of 2022.

My two elementary school aged girls, our two doggies, and our cat make up my happy little family.

Eight years ago, I picked up a camera and I have been aiming, focusing, and clicking ever since. I have built a small photography business mainly thru friends and family but who knows what the future will bring.

I’m always up for a live concert. There is nothing better
than a good band singing my favorite songs in person; unless it is a front row seat at a rodeo featuring beautiful horses that I can drool over and maybe shoot a few pictures.

Random Fact About You That Most People Don’t Know
I proudly hold a motorcycle license and I own my own motorcycle!

Your Favorite Place to Vacation OR somewhere You
Have Always Dreamed of Going Let’s divide my time; summers in Montana and winters in the Maldives. Perfection!

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