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Today is a holiday, of sorts, in the Cooper-Bumpus Insurance Agency office.  We’re not celebrating the first day of Autumn, although we all love the falling leaves and pumpkin spice everything, it isn’t because it’s Taco Tuesday, although we appreciate that as well, nor is it that today is National Ice Cream Cone Day or National Elephant Appreciations Day (be sure to hug your favorite elephant).  Nope, today is special for Cooper Bumpus Insurance because September 22 is National Business Women’s Day and we are a female-owned and operated entity.  Today we celebrate and give thanks to the women of commitment and purpose who held a deep desire to forge new pathways for future generations of female leaders who have changed the world as we know it today.

It was not until 1920, only 100 years ago, that women were allowed into the labor force, and that was out of pure necessity, due to World War II, to keep the American economy going and producing needed goods and services.  By 1998, just one lifetime later, more than 60 percent of all married women living with their spouses worked outside of the family home to share in the support the family.

September 22, 2020, women are not only working outside the home but owning homes AND businesses, holding positions of CEO, CFO, and Majority Owner!   As an all-female business, we here at Cooper Bumpus think that makes today pretty darn special, this is OUR DAY to celebrate the female leadership and diversity we enjoy right here inside our office and the perspective we bring to the male-dominant world of insurance.  In our view, it is that unique perspective that allows us the opportunity to set ourselves apart from what others offer.  From the warm homey feeling you get when you first enter our office to the new logo which was designed to evoke the feeling of togetherness and family which we base our business philosophy and relationships upon, we strive to make our office a place of comfort and support.

As females in business, we recognize the importance of listening to our clients and pride ourselves in really knowing our agency family members—not insureds or customers—but agency family.  In this way we can recognize and anticipate the needs of each individual and how we can best serve their specific situation.  As a member of the Cooper Bumpus Insurance Agency family, you are never just another policy number in the rising count of policies written, you are “one of ours” and we take pride in making you feel that loyalty to you and your family.

Just as our agency family is a wonderful mix of families, individuals, males, females, business owners, working class people, newly independent to life-experienced individuals; the same is true of our staff.  Regardless of where you are in life there is someone at Cooper Bumpus who can relate to the path you are taking—we have accomplished business owners, working mothers supporting their family, retired second-career individuals and under 30 working women—each bringing their distinctive insight and experiences to better serving you.

So let’s raise a cup of pumpkin spice coffee in celebration and recognition of not only those women who made today possible but those who continue to work to further the cause female leadership in business to make the world a better more caring and understanding place to be.

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