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Mother’s Day is this weekend and it promises to be one like no other has ever been. There will be no big gatherings at mom’s where she cooks, even tho it’s “her” day, Sunday morning brunch at our favorite restaurant —nonexistent, Saturday evening wine and dine a the fanciest place in town, nope not that either. Quarantine, social distancing, and shelter in place has robbed us of those luxuries but it’s not an excuse to ignore all of the special ladies who have made such a difference in your life. Take a moment at some point on Sunday to pick up the phone and acknowledge the I’ve you’ve been given. And since you are at home with tons of time on your hands, give some extra thought to the woman in your life who didn’t give birth to you but have made a difference for you in some special way. Someone you would miss if they were gone tomorrow—Your office “Mom”, your best friend’s Mom who has always treated you like “one of her own”, your Aunt who always had time to talk and always took your side in every situation whether you were right or wrong, your Father’s wife, your favorite neighbor lady. MOM isn’t limited to those who gave birth it’s inclusive of those who love and care. I know that come Sunday I will get 2 Mother’s Day phone calls from people I certainly didn’t give birth to, but every year, they take time to call and just say “Hi, how are you”. I’ve learned, from those phone calls the impact of acknowledging those who care about you. So, come Sunday, make the call, send the text, drop a card or note in the mail—acknowledge their presence in your life!!

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